Pet Photography: How to get the best from your Fur Baby - Flying Canadian Photography

So I get a lot of people who are interested in having their pets photograph taken but they are worried that their fur baby won't sit still for pictures...

So let me tell you about Stella.  Stella is our springer spaniel and sitting still is something she does not do.  But I call her my muse... My source of inspiration when it comes to photographing animals.  When we are working together, it's important that I remember what motivates her (tennis balls), what the length of her attention span is (what  measure of time is less than a second...?) and to recognise when she's had enough.  Every animal has something that motivates them and an attention span that must be respected.  

Some of the best pictures I get are the ones that capture an animals energy and the animals personality shines through.  This should be a fun experience for everyone.  If you are relaxed, usually your animal will be too.  

If you do book a session, here are some of my thoughts on getting the best from your pet:

Bring a plain collar and/or lead on your session. Patterned or collars with club logos etc. can be distracting in your photographs.

Consider if you want your pet to be groomed before they have their picture taken or if you prefer the "au natural" look... 

Bring something along with you that your pet loves – it may be treats that motivates or perhaps you pet is more like Stella and toys win everytime. 

Dress as if you might be in the picture. Although your goal may be to get a great picture of your pet, this may involve you being in it! 

Make sure that your pet has had a chance to - how can I put it delicately - relieve themselves before the shoot.  Although accidents during shoots aren't anything to get too upset about, everyone tends to be more comfortable if this is taken care of ahead of time!  

I so enjoy these sessions and I really want you to do the same.  The pressure is on me to get the pictures, not you (or your pet!).  To book a session, go to and click on "Information" where you will find pricing and contact details.  If you do book a session, come along and look forward to laughing a lot and having an opportunity to enjoy spending some time with your pet.  

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